“Connecting women and business owners to the place that resonates with love, faith and happiness."

Who is J. Smith & Company

Over 10 years of Human Resources experience, Fortune 100 Company, Non-Profit experience, Sole Proprietorship and Minority owned


Latest Posts

The Next Evolution…

Hello J Spot Community! Over the last few weeks when I have written Take the Risk  and True Courage with an eye toward believing we can do things beyond what we can see with our eyes only.  Now I have the opportunity to do just that. As I have spoken with some of you, I have […]

Let’s Get Joy

What are you doing right now when there is something else you could be doing that would give you real joy? One Friday night after a long week of meetings and appointments, my fiancé and I decided to go out for a drink.  Earlier in the day I’d seen an advertisement for a local restaurant […]

What Are Your Words?

We’ve all heard them. What are yours? What are the words or phrases you believe should be banned from describing women leaders? I am sure for most of us the words are too numerous to count. The ones that stand out to me the most are from people that I thought were my gateways to […]

Today is the day….

We have been walking our journey together for a few months now. With the on-set of Spring and all of the newness that it brings, I thought that I would try something new.  How about you write the blog this time around.  I will even get you started. “In the spirit of the vernal equinox, […]

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